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Room No.9

Stars rug

Stars rug

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 This delightful one-of-a-kind Khoos / wicker rug with its artistic texture will complement any space with your eye-catching original designs. This unique natural handwoven Khoos rug made by skilled craftsmen, adds both personality and extra coziness to any space.

Design: pattern inspired from stars in the tombs of valley of kings.

Material: Printed handwoven khoos / wicker.

Dimensions: 80×180 cm

Each khoos rug is individually hand formed. Therefore each is individually unique and has slight variations.

Khoos is traditionally made of palm leaves, it is light yet sturdy.

Origin: The ancient Egyptians, ever resourceful, were creating khoos furniture by around 3000 BC, using the bladed grasses so ubiquitous on the banks of Nile and so strong when dried. These were used to produce some of the most beautiful intertwined furniture items the world has ever known.

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